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FEES 2017
Payment Methods

Right now you can pay in different ways:

  • 1.   In Cash (only Mexican Pesos) at CECM
  • 2.   Credit or Debit card
Tuition Fees

          IN SITE IN COMPANY  
1 course 50 hr 50 hr 50 hr 50 hr 30 hr 30 hr 50 hr
Hrs / Day 5 5 2.5 2.5 3 3 2
Days per Week 5 5 5 5 5 5 5
Weeks 2 2 4 4 2 2 5
Course Fee $500 DLL $500 DLL $500 DLL $500 DLL $800 DLL $800 DLL $500 DLL
Home-Stay Private
$500 DLL
$450 DLL
$850 DLL
$750 DLL
$500 DLL
Factor G           $150 DLL $375 DLL
TOTAL $1,000 DLL $950 DLL $1,350 DLL $1,250 DLL $1,300 DLL $950 DLL $875 DLL

Tuition and Home Stay fees must be paid to the cashier within the first three days of the session. Please save your receipt.

Payments may be made in cash (Mexican pesos only); by Visa or MasterCard. We do not accept: personal checks, foreign coins or money orders.

Fees are quoted in U.S. dollars. Payments made in pesos are accepted at the rate of exchange current on the day payment is received. All change for payments made in dollars will be issued in pesos.

Total Care Fee
TOTAL CARE: The total care is an optional program in which your host family will pick you up when you arrive to Guadalajara and they will drop you off at the airport when you go back home. This service will cost you 70 USD for the full service.

Transcripts Fees
TRANSCRIPTS: If you need a transcript in order to prove that you have studied Spanish and you are no longer at CECM we can send you this document. You will have to fill out the transcript request and this will cost you 10 USD per transcript + shipping.

DELE: Are you planning on taking the DELE exam? Our 2015 prices are:
  • A1 $105 dll
  • A2 $110 dll
  • B1 $130 dll
  • B2 $150 dll
  • C1 $165 dll
  • C2 $180 dll