Known as the "City of Roses", Guadalajara is Mexico's second most important city. It's also the most traditional - and at the same time possibly the most modern in the country. Guadalajara is considered the cradle to Mexico's iconic floklore: mariachis, charros and tequila. Here you can experience Mexico down to its very roots. The city enjoys a temperate climate that averages 27 degrees Centigrade 80 degrees Fahrenheit).
Puerto Vallarta

Located on the spectacular Bahía de Banderas, Vallarta is clearly one of Mexico's most exciting beach resorts. Besides water sports, restaurants and fun-spots galore, students will find visitors from around the world - including whales and dolphins! The port city is both typically Mexican and cutting-edge modern at the same time... an exhilirating place for a unique learning and living experience.

So, if you would like to learn Mexican Spanish while enjoying a deep cultural connection to the country, the Colegio de Español y Cultura Mexicana is the place.