The Colegio de Español y Cultura Mexicana (CECM) is the official Spanish Center of the University of Guadalajara (formerly known as CEPE). For over 65 years, at the CECM we have built excitement and depth into our programs. Our basic idea is that Mexican Spanish ‘grow’ in you, as you move through a range of carefully planned cultural and linguistic experiences.

For this reason, at the Colegio, one doesn’t just get classes and conversation: Our programs include Mexican culture, history, literature, business, politics, economy, etc., as well as workshops and excursions which are both fun and a great way to learn how the country and the language connect.


CECM Guadalajara

CECM Puerto Vallarta

The Colegio de Español y Cultura Mexicana has two branches:

Guadalajara is Mexico's second most important city. It's also the most traditional - and at the same time possibly the most modern in the country. Guadalajara is considered the cradle to Mexico's iconic folklore: mariachis, charros, great gastronomy and tequila. Here you can experience Mexico down to its very roots. The city enjoys a temperate climate that averages 27 degrees Centigrade/ 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

CECM Puerto Vallarta
• Located on the spectacular Bahía de Banderas, Vallarta is clearly one of Mexico's most exciting beach resorts. Besides water sports, restaurants and fun-spots galore, students will find visitors from around the world - including whales and dolphins! The port city is both typically Mexican and cutting-edge modern at the same time... an exhilirating place for a unique learning and living experience.

Since 2014, CECM received the distinction of Accredited Center by the Instituto Cervantes, in Spain. This is the only international recognition for SFL (Spanish as a Foreign Language) Centers in the world, which guides the selected centers to conserve and enhance their academic, administrative and customer service quality in the highest standards.

So, if you would like to learn Mexican Spanish while enjoying a deep cultural connection to the country, the Colegio de Español y Cultura Mexicana is the place.

CECM Teacher's Profile

CECM’s teacher are professional in Spanish Teaching; most of them with a degree in Hispanic Literature, with linguistics orientation, literary analysis or communication.

Some of them have collaborated or participated in academic programs and events in different international Universities such as: Concordia University, Seoul’s National University, Grand Valley, etc.

All the teachers must have the DELE Certification given by Instituto Cervantes (Spain) and they are trained to tailor classes to students’ needs and interests. Whether they come as part of an exchange program, for business or personal reasons, students will find a flexible program that adapts to their time availability and activities.

CECM Teacher's Skills

Spanish Teaching 100%
Hispanic Letters 90%
International experience 85%
DELE Certification 100%


My main goals are to make sure that all your doubts are solved and that you have a great experience in Mexico.

Alejandra Orozco
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